Jessica Whaley

Jessica Whaley is a multi-instrumentalist, vocal teacher, freelance musician, and solo artist who hails from Macon, Ga. As a young child, Jessica was influenced by the music of Bill Monroe, Tony Rice, Allison Krauss, and other various modern and historical Bluegrass artists. She studied violin, voice, and guitar at Wesleyan College, a women’s liberal arts college in Macon, GA. During her time in college, she performed publicly with local folk music artists and many nationally and internationally-renowned artists, including Cadillac Sky (band), Chuck Leavell, Muriel Anderson, Robin Bullock, Steve Baughman, Mary Fahl, Orrin Star, and others. Jessica has earned a B.A. in Music Performance and  Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance and Production from Berklee College of Music. During her year at Berklee in Valencia Spain, Jessica learned from industry professionals, including musicians, music lawyers, engineers, producers, and other giants in music business. She also performed and recorded with leading contemporary musicians Casey Driessen, David Minguillon, Mariano Steimburg, Patrice Rushen, Ian Kagey, Celia Mur, and Stephen Webber. She studied guitar, voice, and violin, throughout her post-graduate years, and through higher education developed proficiency in many styles, ranging from bluegrass to classical to R&B. She developed a love of songwriting and production during her time in Spain and enjoys writing and producing her original songs. 


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