Annie Collins

Annie Collins has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Viola performance from UNC School of the Arts, a current NC K-12 Teaching license, and is halfway through a certificate in Music Production and Songwriting via Berklee College of Music Online. While in college, Annie taught piano and violin in a private school setting at the prestigious Summit School for 3 years. After graduating college, she served in AmeriCorps for one year by using her Spanish speaking skills to teach violin to non-native K-5th students. After her AmeriCorps service term concluded, she taught Middle School orchestra in the public school system for 3 years before becoming a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 3.

Annie has performed at a variety of venues from football stadiums to churches, and has performed for various occasions including weddings, corporate events, and festivals (PHUZZ Phest, Fem Fest, Renaissance Festivals). In 2016, she performed the 4th Bach Cello Suite in Eb Major at the United Nation’s 60th Session of the Commission for the Status of Women. She can also be spotted playing viola in Joe Gibbs’ 2017 NASCAR commercial titled “The Dance”.

Annie plays violin, viola, cello, electric bass, guitar, and piano. In professional settings, loves playing in genres including Pop, Country, Psychedelic funk, Rock, Motown R&B, Gospel, and Classical. She currently holds the bass position at Encounter Life Church in Newnan and teaches Spanish at the Greenhouse Learning Homeschool co-op.

When teaching, Annie incorporates elements from the Alexander Technique, the Suzuki Method, and the Dalcroze Method. The Alexander Technique teaches improved posture so that movements in everyday activities such as playing an instrument can be performed in an ergonomic way that allows for more effective sound production and tone quality. The Suzuki Method focuses on connecting the way children naturally learn to speak by emphasizing active listening and the imitation. The Dalcroze method teaches students concepts of rhythm, structure, and musical expression through movement (eurhythmics). Annie’s personal philosophy is that students should be equally able to read sheet music as well as play by ear so students can be unencumbered in any genre and setting.

Teaching the next generation of musicians is one of Annie’s greatest life passions.

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